Mt Hood Watershed

Environmental Focus for The Jubitz Family Foundation  

Protect and Restore Mount Hood in Oregon

We are committed to supporting resilient riverine and forested ecosystems in and around the Mount Hood National Forest, which stems from our deep family history and connection to the region. It is a tradition in our family to trek to the top of Mount Hood at least once in a lifetime.  In addition, our family homestead is in Parkdale, just minutes from the national forest and in constant view of the mountain. The community of Hood River is also what brings our family together and unites us in common purpose to support environmental restoration in this important place that we call home.

We are pleased to announce that starting in 2022 we are soliciting proposals from nonprofits so that we can fund creative environmental restoration and advocacy programs that will protect and restore native ecosystems on Mount Hood and in neighboring communities, such as in Hood River.

Our Goal 

Resilient riverine and forested ecosystems in the Mount Hood region to produce cool clean streams and vibrant older forests for the benefit of this and future generations. 

Our Measurable Objectives


  • No harvesting of old growth
  • Double the amount of forestland that has habitat protections in place by 2040


  • Fish populations stabilize and start to recover by 2040


  • Cool and clean drinking water that is abundant enough for fish and wildlife to survive


  • Double volunteer engagement every five years